Carole Youngner at work

Born in the USA, I studied sociology and social work at the University of Minnesota. I then spent time with VISTA in Washington DC and the Peace Corps in Africa, coming to Belgium in 1983.

I started working with clay in my early 20s, learning both wheel throwing and hand building techniques. 

When I came to Brussels I decided to make ceramics my main activity. I did an apprenticeship for a year to improve my throwing skills and then continued learning through workshops and seminars. I have been working as an independent pottery teacher since 1989 in my studio in Waterloo which I still do today. 

In 2007, looking to explore new horizons I started taking ceramics classes at “L’Ecole des Arts de Braine-l’Alleud” where I also discovered glass.  I now work with both clay and glass, often combining the two in sculptural forms.