Workshops are given during the summer. This is one of the best ways to begin wheel throwing as you and your hands don’t have a week to forget!

Beginners get grounding in pottery fundamentals. For electric wheel throwing, they learn how to center a mound of clay, how to throw, and trim their pots. Generally, after the five days they will have a series of small cups and bowls. Those doing hand building learn basic techniques such as coiling, slabs and pinching.

Intermediate and advanced students refine their skills. Wheel workers learn how to make larger and more complex forms, and explore methods for altering thrown pots. Hand builders may move on to sculpture and working with volume.


Workshops have a five day duration , three hours a day.

Cost: 165€ All materials and the first firing included.


Glazing and the second firing will be done on one day the following week.

Cost: 15€ per hour, all glaze materials and firing included.


  • Workshop info :

    Summer Workshops

    Throwing on an electric wheel  and/or modelling  for adolescents and adults 



    July 16 to 20, 2018    10:00 to 13:00



    Address:           Rue Mattot, 83

                             1410 Waterloo

    Registration:     By telephone: 02 353 05 44     GSM  0478 69 23 17

    By email:  


    minimum 4 people   maximum 6 people